EKO @Weston Park School Visits offers award winning outdoor learning days at Weston Park, a Grade 1 listed 17th-century mansion set in a more 1000 acres of Capability Brown designed parkland, gardens and woodland.

Whether you’re looking for a day that is focused on a particular area of the curriculum or a theme, or just an exciting day of survival skills and team challenges, all our days will be tailored to meet the needs of your pupils and staff. 

From £400 for a group of up to 35 pupils. Additional classes attending on the same day receive a 25% discount.


EKO Creative Arts @ Weston Park

EKO Creative Arts @ Weston Park offers a day of musical and artistic interpretation and creation, inspired and led by the gardens and parkland as well as the art and architecture inside the mansion house.

Years 1 & 2 day could include: Mythical creatures, using different materials, artists at Weston Park, clay play, natural dyes/paints, textures & patterns, songs and storytelling around the campfire.

Years 3 & 4 day could include: Fire pewter casting, clay creations, music and the arts, an outdoor orchestra, charcoal making and sketching, Andy Goldsworthy inspired natural art.

Years 5 & 6 day could include: architecture, structures, den building, song writing, photography, the history of art, interior design

EKO Science @ Weston Park

EKO Science @ Weston Park offers a Science Day like no other. With pond dipping, extensive woodland, animal habitats and an amazing kitchen garden at your finger tips the day will inspire and delight super scientists of all ages.

Years 1 & 2 day could include:   Plant cycles, animal groups, food chains, life cycles, minibeasts, tracking trails and seasonal changes.

Years 3 & 4 day could include: Fire lighting to observe reversible and irreversible changes, using the weather station to gather and record data, diet and exercise, investigating shadows including the opportunity to make puppets, soil properties, animal habitats and den building.

Years 5 & 6 day could include: Investigating the ‘field to fork’ story, diet, exercise and nutrition, living things and their habitats, microorganisms, fair testing, shelter construction.

EKO Literacy @ Weston Park

EKO Literacy @ Weston Park offers an extraordinary insight into how the outdoors helps to inspire the imagination and creativity of children and adults alike.

All Year Groups: Working with story tellers and children’s authors we will create a magical day involving imaginative play and creative writing, starting in the library, exploring the beautiful historic outdoor setting of Weston Park and ending up seated around the campfire with a mug of hot chocolate in our hands and a tale to tell.

EKO History @ Weston Park

EKO History @ Weston Park uses both the ‘interesting inside’ and ‘extensive outside’ areas of Weston Park to bring the past alive. Schools may choose any particular historical periods or topics for us to focus on, we love developing new programmes!

KS1 offer includes: Great Fire of London, using portraiture to understand the lives of significant individuals in the past and using the heritage of Weston Park to show historical change, The age of trees (and what was going on when they were planted!).

KS2 offer includes: Stone Age, Iron Age, Egyptians, Impact of the Roman Empire on Britain, Anglo Saxons, Tudor (including having a go at wattle and daub), Charcoal making, Natural Paint, Pewter jewellery casting, Shelter building, Campfire cooking, Dying techniques, Tools, Weaving.

EKO Geography @ Weston Park

EKO Geography @ Weston Park offers the perfect primary school geography field trip to help bring the learning alive and make it relevant to the children. The KS2 options are interchangeable.

Years 1 & 2 offer includes: Seasonal vegetation and changes, weather attributes, making your own river system, water filtration, studying soil, simple map reading, directional language, treasure hunts.

Years 3 & 4 offer includes: Devising a map and key, climate zones, biomes (pond dipping), rivers, volcanoes and water cycle.

Years 5 & 6 offer includes: Using Ordinance Survey maps to plot and follow routes, comparing old and new maps. measure and record physical features, discovering where fruit and vegetables come from, river systems.

EKO Maths & DT @ Weston Park

EKO Maths and DT @ Weston Park offers the perfect combination of numeracy, problem solving and cooking & nutrition with the additional fun of cooking your own pizza as part of the day .

KS1 offer includes: Measuring the heights of trees, creating patterns and number lines, strengthening constructions, discovering symmetry and angles in nature, studying reflections and pond dipping, interpreting graphs, understanding where food comes from, healthy diet.

KS2 offer includes: Team Building and Challenge activities using ropes & pulleys, shelter construction, tool use, raft building, egg drop, reading and plotting co-ordinates. Also fire triangle,  healthy and sustainable food choices and campfire cooking.

Year 6 EKO Day @ Weston Park

Year 6 EKO Day @ Weston Park is packed with adventurous activities, survival skills, campfire cooking and wild woodland games.

The group will learn to use a variety of hand tools, whittle with knives, build super shelters and have a go at lighting their own fires. There will also be fun team challenges and a time around the campfire to reflect on their time at primary school and share thoughts on what lies ahead. It will be special day to remember.

There is also the option to extend the Year 6 EKO Day into a 24hour EKO CampOut, please get in contact for more details. 

Topic Days @ Weston Park

Topic Days @ Weston Park provide a great opportunity to bring a particular area of the curriculum alive and to embed the learning in a fun and practical way using resources found on the grounds of Weston Park. The days all include educational activities, campfire cooking and some natural art, all linking to the topic.

Some of our previous sessions have included a variety of curriculum topics including; The Great Fire of London, Stone Age Day, Roman Day, The Tudors and an Egyptian Day, as well as PSHE topics such as Healthy Eating Day and a Well-being Day.

We love to hear your ideas and are happy to work with schools to create an individual plan to create engaging and fun sessions.

Please get in contact for more details. 

School Staff Outdoor Learning CPD @ Weston Park offer school staff teams a day of practical outdoor learning skills in a stunning setting. Whether you are upskilling your staff in delivering highly effective outdoor learning sessions, want to offer them a productive team building, well-being day, are hoping to inspire them to bring more outdoor learning into their planning or would like to focus on particular skills such as fire-lighting, risk-benefit assessing and campfire cooking, we will create a fun, engaging and inspiring CPD day for all your staff that will have a hugely positive impact on their well-being as well as their teaching.

We can also combine any of our above EKO curriculum linked sessions with CPD days for school staff by including activities in the day that staff would like to see run with their class before having a go themselves in their school setting. Please contact Natasha to talk through your requirements.