Why and how should you embed Outdoor Learning in your school?

“No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.” Sir David Attenborough CBE

Outdoor Learning is proven to raise attainment and improve behaviour of children, particularly those who struggle in a classroom environment. It helps build resilience, improve self confidence and makes them feel happy. Outdoor Learning also plays an important role in staff well-being, motivation and pupil relationships.

To successfully embed Outdoor Learning (OL) into the pedagogy of your school it is essential that it is:
• Included in School Policy.
• Underpinned in School Development Plan.
• Supported by CPD for the whole staff team.
• Communicated effectively to the governors and parents in order to mobilise support.


  • Twilight/Half Day Outdoor Learning CPD Session on your school site –  £200
  • Full Day Outdoor Learning CPD Session on your school site – £300
  • Outdoor Learning CPD Day at Weston Park – £350

Please contact us to make a booking at info@ekolearning.org.uk

Forest School Leader Level 2 and 3 Training and Qualification

  • We now work in partnership with Urban Outdoor Learning to provide Forest School Leader training at Weston Park. To find out more, visit their website for dates and costings – Urban Outdoor Learning