Founded by Natasha Branston, and having started life in her sons’ primary school in 2012 and become a charity in January 2021, Educating Kids Outdoors works with like-minded partners and funders to offer inspiring outdoor learning experiences for children across the West Midlands. EKO is based on the beautiful grounds of Weston Park with lots of places to explore and have adventures as well as providing educational visits for schools on the grounds. We also deliver motivating school staff training, CPD and skills workshops.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to inspire pupils, teachers and families to explore the outdoors regularly in order to learn from, connect with and understand the need to protect the wonders of our natural world. We believe that outdoor experiences create exceptional opportunities and space for mindfulness, for working things out and for gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Research has shown these actions to have a hugely positive impact on our mental and physical health and overall well-being, and our EKO experiences and testimonies support that.


Our EKO staff team is creative and passionate about engaging with young people and their teachers in a positive, inspiring and environmentally sensitive way, and we support each other in our continued development and understanding of the importance of our natural world and its impact on future generations.

As one of our heroes, Sir David Attenborough, puts it:



Our Visions

Our school vision is to encourage and support all schools to include high quality and impactful outdoor learning sessions in their offer which involves developing wildlife friendly outdoor learning areas as well as equipping staff with the desire, confidence and tools to get outside and inspire their pupils in their learning.

Our family vision is to encourage and support all families to get outside, have fun and engage with their natural world by providing high quality, exciting and fun holiday clubs and family days that meet the needs of parents, carers and children and help them to develop a love and appreciation of the outdoors and all it offers, including crawly things and mud!

Have a look at some of our adventures outdoors: