Please note that due to COVID restrictions we are not able to offer over night camping. We are currently working on offering extended days in conjunction with our EKO Schools, but watch this space for updates!

So what do we get up to? Well, we put into practice some of the bushcraft skills and outdoor learning activities that our EKO After School Club members enjoy (not that you have to be part of an EKO Club to come along) with plenty of tree climbing, bug hunting, den building, fire lighting and campfire cooking going on but we take it that stage further with the children learning campcraft and taking responsibility for themselves by keeping their kit tidy and their eating utensils clean. The older children in the group become JEKOLS (Junior EKO Leaders) for the weekend and are fantastic role models to their peers and make great assistants to the EKO leaders. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t attend an EKO Club in one of our schools, we’ll make sure that they feel part of the group in no time at all.

We challenge the group with various team activities so they  learn to work together and respect the different skills and knowledge that each one has. Strong friendships form and the laughter is infectious. We have a lot of fun!

Our EKO leaders are talented, professional, experienced and kind outdoor-loving individuals who are ambitious for your kids to give new things a go, to challenge themselves, to learn about their strengths and to develop strategies to deal with areas that they struggle with, as we all need to do. We want them to try new things in different ways and to come out smiling, even when they make mistakes. We just see every day as a learning day and an EKO 24 HR CampOut creates outdoor memories that stay with children for life.

If you have any questions or would like further information about any of these events please contact us at info@ekolearning.uk