Camping in Chillington Woods, Brewood, WV8 1RE

10.30 am Thursday 15th – 10.30am Friday 16th August 2019

In response to feedback from our EKO families this is a brand new EKO 24 hr CampOut for 2019!

We are offering it to children aged 9 years upwards as, since starting EKO in 2012, many of our EKO members still want to come out to the woods with us but are looking for more challenging and exciting, age-appropriate, activities.

So, back at EKO base we put on our thinking caps (outdoors obviously) and have come up with 24 hours of outdoor fun for older kids.

We have been running school sessions and holiday club days at Chillington Estate for a while now and, as well as having a very friendly and supportive bunch of people who work there, Chillington woods are packed full with trees to climb, bushes to hide in, resources to build with and sticks to size up for fire lighting and campfire cooking. We love our days there!

The plan is to for the kids to work in groups building their own bases with sturdy shelters and campfires to cook over. They will be making their own tools, bow drill style, to light their own fires and cook their own food. Anyone any good at spoon whittling?

We will be playing plenty of wide games such as Capture the Flag, Predator, Kick the Can and others to ensure maximum energy and excitement during the day and a good nights sleep in the evening.

If it is dry and warm, there may be a chance for the children to sleep in their own shelters. If the weather is against us we will be camping in the courtyard. Children can bring their own tents or EKO can provide them and a full kit list and joining instructions will be emailed out to you nearer to the event.

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