Educating Kids Outdoors (EKO) is all about children getting outdoors during their school time, after school and during the holidays. Having fun with friends, learning new skills, imbedding previous learning, working things out for themselves and discovering their natural world, and the important role they have in protecting it, are all important factors. We also want them to learn about themselves; to grow in confidence, to be prepared to ‘have a go’, to be strong and healthy – both in mind and body – and to be able to connect with different people and their natural environment kindly and effectively.

We run After School EKO Clubs which run weekly at your child’s school. If you would like more information on how to set one up in your school please get in touch.

We run bespoke sessions for Home Schoolers; either as a one of session or a group of 6 weekly sessions in a location of your choice or in one of our woodland sites.

We run Ministry of Kids Holiday Clubs (with our partner Clare’s Inspired Parties) which run for a couple of days at the start of each school holiday and half term and are for children in Reception to year 6.

We run an annual 24 hour EKO Sleepover at Piggs Playbarn, Apley Farm Shop for children aged 6 and above in the summer holidays. We spend all day outside in the woods and have a fun indoor camping experience in the playbarn!

Although not our focus, we do offer bespoke outdoor parties on request from 1 May to 1 November. DO be warned though that despite all our preparation, thought and care, we can’t guarantee the weather….

We are currently planning to run our first ever 24 hour EKO Holiday CampOut at Chillington Woods in August 2019 for older children in years 4 to year 8 so watch this space!!